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Timber & Timber Mouldings

At Woods of Hornsea, we provide an excellent service and varied timber product range ensuring consistent and long term customer satisfaction.

We are able to provide the raw material requirements of a wide variety of projects which make us a reliable timber, building material and fencing merchant in Hornsea and East Yorkshire.

All timber products are available for delivery throughout East Yorkshire by full or part load and can be off loaded with our lorry mounted crane if required.

All of our timber is responsibly obtained from first-rate European and UK suppliers and manufactured to the highest standard, to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

We are also pleased to assist if you require any product cut to size, including sheet product and timber lengths.


Carcassing Timbers

The phrase carcassing is normally used to refer to timbers processed for use in structural applications, for example roof battens, floor joists and studwork for partitioned walls.

carcassing timber

Regularised Carcassing

Our Regularised Carcassing timber has been processed to be used for floor joists, studwork and roofing, amongst other projects.

Radiused corners, similar to CLS but the planed surface is not consistently smooth as its planed to size spec rather than planed smooth. It may thus be rough sawn in some areas. Its also graded, eg to C16 etc..

Architectural & construction timber board cladding background with horizontal & vertical elements


Timber Cladding is available in a range of profiles and has been used as an external finish for many years as it offers a hard wearing, insulating layer. It can be stained to enhance the natural grain effect of the timber or painted to reflect the surrounding decor.

It is also known as timber Siding, Weather Boarding, TGV, Shiplap and Featheredge.


Treated Carcassing

To prevent deterioration of the wood in damp buildings or when used outside treated carcassing has received a pressure-treatment with a minimum-hazard preservative, like Tanalin, which inhibits rot. The timber's performance and lifespan is greatly increased even in uses below the damp course .


CLS Carcassing

CLS is typically used for carcassing, stud walls and framing, amongst other timber-frame home construction projects. It offers many benefits, including the fact that it is more affordable than regularised carcassing and is ideal in non-structural, unseen applications. It is graded in accordance with British Standards, to either C16 or C24.


Whatever the job, it's always easier with the right tools.
We stock a wide range of hand and power tools for professional and DIY use.

Planed All Round (PAR)

Planed All Round Timber (PAR) is planed on both edges and sides therefore offering a smooth finish which makes it extremely versatile as it lends itself to a multitude of uses, such as internal joinery and furniture construction. Requiring less finishing than sawn timber it will generally will require sanding prior to finishing.

We are able to offer a variety of sections as well as different lengths to suit all your needs and offer a cutting service if you require specific lengths. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist.


Hardwood PAR/PSE

Hardwood Planed All Round can vary in colour from light pink to dark red and is generally manufactured from Meranti which gives a close grain finish making it suitable for furniture manufacture or that special internal finish.


Softwood PAR/PSE

Manufactured from Spruce or Pine, Softwood Planed All Round (PAR) timber is  ideal for internal joinery projects. It should only require light sanding to provide a finished surface suitable for painting or staining.


Our local delivery service provides a quick and easy way to get materials to your home or site.

We also offer a Nationwide service on many products including bricks and blocks. Ask for details!

Timber Mouldings

Typically fitted for decorative purposes, mouldings can also be used to bridge the gaps around windows and doors to hide the rough edge where the wall meets the frame or ceiling. Available in softwood, long lasting hardwood and MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard - an amalgamation of wood fibres and resin), the MDF mouldings have the advantage of being free from defects such as warps and knots often found in their soft and hard wood counterparts.

Some people however prefer to see the more traditional softwoods which often appear to have more character, especially when being finished with a stain or varnish. Ideal for new build and renovation projects, mouldings are usually very quick and easy to install.

We stock a good range of mouldings and offer a cut to size service and delivery option.



An attractive architrave can act as the piece to complete your room. It is typically used to frame doors, windows and loft hatches, but can also be put to more creative use if necessary. You can paint, varnish or stain your architraves to get the desired result.

Product is available in a range of profiles and can be supplied in MDF, softwood or hardwood options.



Fitted to the base of an interior wall skirting is used to cover gaps, conceal wires and prevent furniture from getting too close to the wall. It can also add a decorative element.Skirting can also be painted, varnished or stained, to match your interior décor and can be screwed, nailed or glued onto your walls.

Product is available in a range of profiles and can be supplied in MDF, softwood or hardwood options.


Window Board

Window board with a rounded, bull nose edge, is utilised to create an internal window cill / window ledge creating a contemporaneous look to your project and may be finished with paint, stain or varnish to suit your project and taste.

Product is available in a range of profiles and can be supplied in MDF, softwood or hardwood options.


Beading / Mouldings

Typically fitted for decorative purposes, beading  can also be used to bridge the gaps around windows and doors and other projects to hide the rough edge where the wall meets the frame or ceiling.

Product is available in a range of profiles and can be supplied in MDF, softwood or hardwood options.


Feel Free to Ask one of our experts. 

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Sheet Materials

Offering a great range of high quality timber sheet materials suitable for both interior and exterior use, including Plywood, MDF, OSB, Chipboard, Protection Board and Hardboard, you have everything you need for your building job, whether you work in the trade or feel like some DIY.

All of our timber products are EUTR compliant and ethically sourced – we only stock the highest possible standard, and pride ourselves on our quality of products, service, and reliability. Delivery and cutting services are available.



Plywood is an extremely versatile engineered product used for a wide range of structural and functional internal and external applications. We stock plywood in various sizes, thicknesses and types. Softwood which is strong, impact resistant and easily cut and sanded, Hardwood whose durability and appearance make it ideal for furniture and marine ply which is ideal for external applications.


OSB Board

Orientated Strand Board (OSB) utilises a similar contruction as plywood creating a very stiff but lighter panel, ideal for wall sheathing, hoardings, flooring and roofing among others.

Available in many thicknesses, OSB2 is a versatile, tough and comparatively inexpensive board and OSB3 is just as  versatile but manufactured to stand damp conditions.



A high strengh wood particle board, flooring chipboard is engineered for most domestic and other types of floor, chipboard is durable and easy to lay. Available in an option of thicknesses this tough and moisture resistant variant is the UK's most used particle board flooring.

Standard chipboard is also available in different thicknesses and sizes and is prepominantly used for constructing furniture, shelving and worktops.

Some of our Brands

We try and stock a wide range of brands to provide good choice of product and price breaks for both DIY and trade use. If you don't see what you want then please ask a member of the team as the chances are that if we haven't got it in stock we can obtain it!